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Sarah P. - EP "Free" (vinyl)



"Free" is the EP newly released by Sarah P., its cover art depicting a full-grown yet embryonic yin yang, promising messages of peace & rebirth, renewal, and, essentially: freedom. The artist Sarah P., having recently separated from the popular indie group Keep Shelly In Athens (in which she was lead singer), clearly enjoys the freedom of music making as a solo artist. This latest endeavor is a love letter to her inner psyche, to the rich and untamed expression within -- “I wanted it to escalate” says Sarah, “I wanted it to have many colors.” The album is a personal journey, following the rich palette of emotion and feeling associated with life’s darkest lows, along with the brilliance of finding light once again.

Track List:
1. Dirty Sunday
2. Let It Go
3. Little Soul
4. I'd Go
5. Dishes
6. Moving On
7. Golden Deer

iTunes: http://bit.ly/freeep-itunes
Spotify: http://bit.ly/sarah-p
YouTube: http://youtube.com/sarahpofficial

Facebook: http://facebook.com/sarahpofficial
Twitter: @sarahpofficial